Bringing Heart Back Into the Classroom: Nurturing A Culture of Compassion and Connection

In today’s fast-paced and achievement-oriented educational landscape, it is easy tolose sight of the heart and human connection that lie at the core of effective teaching andlearning. As we strive for academic excellence and meet rigorous standards, it is crucial not tooverlook the importance of creating a classroom environment that fosters compassion,empathy, and emotional well-being. … Read more

Introducing Mindfulness to Kids in Crisis

When introducing mindfulness to kids in crisis, it’s important to approach it with sensitivity and adapt it to their specific needs. Targeted mindfulness techniques can be an incredibly effective and empowering component of their treatment plan, but like anything else, can take practice. Here are some suggestions to make mindfulness approachable and effective for kids … Read more

Improving Treatment Plan Follow-Through

Getting kids to follow through with mental health practices at home can be challenging, but there are several strategies you can employ to encourage their participation and engagement in this vital component of their treatment plan.  Create A Routine Establish a regular schedule for mental health practices, whether it be meditation, mindfulness exercises, or journaling. … Read more