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Empowered Minds training is the key to unlocking the true potential of students, clients, and performers.


For Educators

Create an environment that fosters learning and engagement with a proven practice developed by our team.



For Clinicians

Improve treatment outcomes and coping skills with evidence-based routines designed to encourage therapy breakthroughs.



For Performers

Learn the mindset training and visualization techniques world class athletes use to achieve peak performance.



The most effective mindfulness & visualization training for the classroom and beyond.

Empowered Minds was designed to teach young people the tools and strategies to develop an unstoppable mindset and overcome limiting beliefs.

Our comprehensive training unlocks the true potential of students, clients, athletes and performers through evidence-based, time-tested mindfulness and visualization techniques.

Improve focus and concentration

Reduce anxiety

Improve self-efficacy

Enhance self-awareness

Boost resilience

Enhance skill development


What Makes Us Unique

Our name says it all. Empowered Minds helps young people develop the cognitive skills that lead to unstoppable mindsets and successful leaders.

More Effective

Unlike other mindfulness and visualization training, ours have been proven to work!

More Engaging

Young people often find meditation boring. Our training and techniques are designed to keep participants focused and engaged.

More Flexible

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to developing a powerful mindset. Training is personalized for personality type, age, and setting to maximize impact.

More Immediate

Empowered Minds techniques deliver an immediate shift in mood and motivation.

More Empowering

Our methods teach independence and inspire students, clients, and performers to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

90% of participants said the practice had a positive impact on their mood.

94% of participants stated the practice was fun.

46% of participants rated our meditation practice a 10.


Effective & Healthy Stress Management

Young people are growing up in a much different world than their parents or grandparents did. Many are overstimulated by video games and smartphones, faced with the conundrum of too much choice, and feel pressured to portray the perfect life on social media.

Studies show these habits are leading to greater stress and anxiety, even increased rates of self-harm and suicide. Too often, young people lack the awareness and cognitive skills to recognize the long-term negative impact of these behaviors until they are in a state of crisis.

The team at Empowered Minds set out to reverse these trends by teaching kids how to process stress and emotions so they are less likely to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms or substance abuse to escape negative emotions.

Our techniques increase functional connectivity in the parietal lobe and prefrontal cortex, affecting mood and improving cognitive performance. Studies show mindfulness and visualization is extremely effective for reducing anxiety, sustaining attention and memory, and improving visuo-spatial processing.

With Empowered Minds training, young people learn that no matter what challenges they are faced with, they are in control of their mind and how they choose how they react, and ultimately, how to shape their future for healthier, happier outcomes.


Client Testimonials

I encourage you to give Happy Spots a try! I personally have appreciated having a unique and engaging tool in my therapy toolkit.

Jessica Amedeo


100% worked to get him out of his mad emotion he was feeling. Love it already!

Amy Graziano


This has changed my life!

Maria Sanchez


She took first in all around! She had a moment before she went onto bars when she began getting nervous. She stopped and put into effect the method you reviewed and said it made the difference.



It has helped me realize I can truly do anything with a good mindset and it’s also fun because you are connecting with yourself.



I was able to notice when I was being negative and change that so I could do better with skills.



This program is amazing for overthinkers like me and changes moods.




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