Educator Training


Bring calm & focus back to the classroom.

Students are more distracted and anxious than ever before. This impacts the way we teach, and how well our students learn.

Designed by educators for educators, Empowered Minds training was created to accelerate development of critical life skills such as focus and resilience, enhance comprehension, and unlock student potential. Our transformative system improves overall wellbeing, cognitive abilities, and cultivates learning environments more conducive to success and high achievement.

Our routines and activities will weave seamlessly into your day and can enhance any existing SEL program, or be used as a foundational practice. These practices are designed to not be “one more thing to do,” rather to make everything you are doing more effective.


Educator Training


Empowered Minds training for educators brings the most effective research-based mindfulness techniques to your classroom.

Our training is personalized to your goals and grade level, and aligns with social emotional learning (SEL) standards. It will equip your students with an unstoppable mindset and the skills to succeed long after this semester ends.

Educators are supported every step of the way with 1-on-1 training, mindset activity kits (great for calming corners and counseling sessions), a huge library of digital resources, and ongoing support.


Discovery session

Personalized strategy

On-site or virtual training sessions customized to your time frame

Empowered Portal access

Mindset activity kit

90% of participants said the practices had a positive impact on their mood.

94% of participants stated the practices were fun.

46% of participants rated our meditation practices a 10.


Why Empowered Minds?

Our specialized training is proven to be one of the most effective social emotional learning (SEL) strategies available today.

Best In Class

Mindfulness training designed specifically for K-12 and clinical settings.

Dedicated Support

On-site and virtual support ensure seamless integration and deep immersion.

Experienced instructors

Learn from experts who understand the unique needs of your classroom or clinic.

Flexible schedule

Training available nights and weekends to accommodate busy schedules.


Client Testimonials

I encourage you to give this a try! I personally have appreciated having a unique and engaging tool in my therapy toolkit.

Jessica Amedeo


100% worked to get him out of his mad emotion he was feeling. Love it already!

Amy Graziano


This has changed my life!

Maria Sanchez


She took first in all around! She had a moment before she went onto bars when she began getting nervous. She stopped and put into effect the method you reviewed and said it made the difference.



It has helped me realize I can truly do anything with a good mindset and it’s also fun because you are connecting with yourself.



I was able to notice when I was being negative and change that so I could do better with skills.



This program is amazing for overthinkers like me and changes moods.




The Empowered Portal

Get access to a full library of digital resources and virtual training tools to accelerate learning and implementation.

Digital training guides

Video tutorials

Exclusive content

Virtual 1-on-1 coaching

Dedicated support

Additional resources

Live Without Limits  

Get the most effective mindfulness and visualization training to transform your classroom or clinic.